A lone oak leaf at the very end of the branch

There was ice in the bird bath this morning. a blanket of frost coated the lawn, and the thermometer in back of the house showed about 28 degrees. A lone oak leaf clung to the farthest end of the skinniest branch on the tree in our front yard.

I guess it’s time to stock up on ice melt and windshield de-icer, and maybe buy that snow thrower we’ve been thinking about. Or we could wait.

Thing is, by the time we decided we needed it last year, there wasn’t any to be bought — ice melt or snow throwers.

I like vests. I have one I like a lot, and I found another one similar. I was ready to buy the one I found when Santa asked me the what and where, and told me to be patient. What I know is I can be patient, but if Santa doesn’t move on it, there likely will be none available. I’m always behind the availability of fashion.

By the time it’s warm enough to go swimming, stores are stocking fall attire. If I wait ‘til December to buy the vest, bikinis will be hanging from the store racks — and I look terrible that scantily attired.

So I’ve put the vest in Santa’s hands, and I’ll be hitting the stores for ice melt, and maybe a snow thrower.