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Bourne again

Gateway Theater is one of three cinemas serving Gettysburg movie-goersLast week, wife and I thought about going to a movie. The only interesting one was for kids, so we decided to wait for the granddaughters to be here this week. This week, there are three movies for grownups.

I wonder whether Jeremy Renner can live up to Matt Damon in the new attempt to squeeze more money from Jason Bourne fans. I wonder whether Will Ferrell can put the fun back into political campaigns. And I wonder …

… why “Hope Springs” has a PG-13 rating and a note saying Parents Strongly Cautioned. Does anyone who has ever spent time around teenagers really think they’re remotely interested in thinking about Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones hoping anything will spring … anywhere? We’ve a 30-something daughter who has made it clear she really Doesn’t Want To Know.

Addendum: Since writing the foregoing, I’ve seen “Total Rekall,” a total check-your-brain 90-minute fight scene, and “Bourne Legacy,” which was definitely worth the price of admission-plus-popcorn.

(Of course, that last is a little redundant. What’s the point of going to a movie and not having popcorn?)

But the new “Bourne” flick picks up where the last Matt Damon story left off, which is to say approximately where Robert Ludlum left off when he completed the third book. It has story, and stars (Stacy Keach and Edward Norton, the latter who always seems to play an excellent villainous character, if not actual villain, and always at least on the edge of going over the edge.

If you’re not a Bourne fan, there isn’t much I can say. If you are a Bourne fan, this one will keep you entertained. The people seem real, and the science really is being thought of. For more, you’ll have to see the movie.


  1. John,
    I enjoyed the Bourne books written by Ludlum. But the newer ones by Eric Lustbader seem to turn him into a super hero, like Batman. He gets beat up and shot and after a quick shower he’s back out killing bad guys. But the story line about his son is interesting.
    I want to see Hope Springs but then I’m old.

    • John

      August 22, 2012 at 12:11

      I have not read the Lustbader books, and didn’t know about Bourne’s son. I’ll have to look them up.In the latest movie, Renner plays a character who’s simply another member of the Treadstone experiment, though powered by green and blue pills.

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